Replacing Tanning Bed Shocks And Hinges

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Buster Tyler, President of Master Tanning shows us how to maintain your home tanning bed. In this video we are talking about how to replace your Shocks and Hinges.

    Buster Tyler: Hello! I'm Buster from Master Tanning. Today I'm going to talk to you about maintaining your home tanning bed, and now we're going to talk about how to replace your Shocks and Hinges.

    First, we'll be talking about how to replace your Shocks. Your Shocks are on either end of the bed. They're gas driven; they're pistons. Lift your bed all the way up, and on either end of the Shock, you will see a little metal clip. In between that clip and the Shock you insert a flat blade screwdriver and push gently down, at the same time applying pressure pulling out. The Shock itself will now release from that bulb.

    Now take your new Shock with your cylinder up and the shaft pointed down, and snap into place. Just push it gently up against the ball and just hit it with kind of the palm of your hand and snap right on.

    And now to replace your Hinges, unplug the top from the bottom of the tanning bed. I now have two people, one on one side of the bed and one on the other side. Go ahead and take out the top screws off from the Hinge.

    Now, you just take the top and just lift it off. Your Two-Way Hinges now are exposed. You can go ahead and take off the bottom screw of your Hinge, and now your Hinges will pop right out.

    Now, go and take your new Hinge and pop it, push it right back on in the same way. Tighten it down with that same bulb, take the top of the bed, and lift it up two people one on either side, lift it back in place, line up the holes where the screw will actually screw directly into the top through the Hinge, tighten that down.

    And now, go ahead and lift up the top and now snap on your Shocks, and that's when the cylinder is up and the little shaft is down, and now that the Shocks are done, go around and plug your top to your bottom of your tanning bed and now you're ready to tan.

    And when should you change your Hinges and your Shocks? The Hinges should be changed if you ever notice that there's any kind of movement on the top. In other words, if the top is wobbly, it means that the insert from the Hinges have broken off and needs to be replaced.

    Now, when do the Shocks need to be replaced? If your top won't stay up and it continually keeps coming down.

    So these tips would help you maintain your tanning bed for years to come. I hope you enjoyed your tanning experience.