Reset Your Hunger Clock

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fitness expert John Basedow explains how to reset your hunger clock to avoid being hungry all the time.

    John Basedow: Many people suffer from the same problem when it comes to eating right, they start the day with a light breakfast or none at all, eat lunch on the run and by the time dinner rolls around they binge, because they havent eaten enough throughout the day.

    By resting your hunger clock you can feel full all day long and avoid gaining a lot of extra pounds. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, eating a good filling breakfast will reset your food clock for the rest of the day, ensuring that you consume fewer calories because you are simply just not as hungry.

    Eating a natural non-processed food like an egg white omelet or even an apple to kick start your day is better than starving yourself until lunch time. Consuming several small meals throughout the day will keep your metabolism boosted and the hunger pains away. And once you get around to dinner you wont be ravenous and will eat less.

    If you are working out with weights in the morning, dont do it on empty stomach. When your stomach is empty your body will burn, stored energy instead of what you just ate. Morning cardio however is great on an empty stomach because you burn more stored body fat that way.

    If you are an afternoon or evening exerciser, do it about an hour after you eat a meal. Your body doesnt like the multitask, it either needs to focus on digestion or working out, not both. And stop eating two hour prior to bed time. You dont want your dinner just sitting on your stomach as you sleep.

    Resetting your hunger clock is just another way to help the weight loss process, its a simple step that will get your metabolism working the way it should be.