Restaurant Coupons

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Coupon expert Ering Gifford discusses how to save money at restaurants.

    Ering Gifford: I am Ering Gifford of couponcravings.

    com and I am showing you how to save big money using coupons. In this segment, I will focus on how to save money at restaurants. I love eating out at restaurants, but it can be really expensive. So I am going to show you how to save money at your favorite eatery. Head online to restaurant.

    com for big discounts at your local restaurants. You can get a $25 dinning certificate for just $10 and in many cases even less. Just enter your zip code to find the local restaurants near you that are participating, but be sure to read the fine print because in some cases you can only use the dinning certificate on certain days of the week or for dinning only.

    Next, pick up the annual entertainment book, it's less than $20 and has loads of great coupons for restaurants in your area many of which are buy one get one free coupons. The entertainment book also has great coupons for local attractions and shopping in your area. You can pick up one of these books at your local bookstore or even at entertainment.

    com. Make sure ticking on the mailing and E-mailing list of your favorite restaurants, many times on your birthday and at other times throughout the year you will find free coupons in your mailbox and in your inbox.

    Another great site to check out is freebirthdaytreats.

    com where you can find what restaurants in your area will give you free dessert, free appetizers or even free entrees on your birthday. Finally, before you head out with your kids visit a site called kidsmealdeals.

    com to find that out what restaurants in your area offer free or very cheap kids meals and at what days of the week. So, that's how you save money at restaurants with coupons. Now, we will move on to how to organize your coupons to maximize your savings.