Resume Writing – How do I list accomplishments in my resume?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Resume expert Louise Kursmark discusses how to write accomplishments in a resume.

    Host: How do I write my accomplishments in a resume? Louise Kursmark: Accomplishments, I have mentioned are really important parts of your resume. They are distinct, they are all about you and they are not about the job, they're not about anybody else doing that job, they are unique to you. So, that makes them very special. They need to be specific and they need to be quantified whenever possible in your resume. That means, I don't want to know that you invented a new process that made something more efficient, I want to know how much more efficient, how much time did it save, how did it make others more effective on the job?

    I don't want to know simply that, you say you were an exceptional salesperson, I want to know your numbers. How did you do against your peers, against your goals, against the industry whatever your expectations were I want to know specific performance measurements? Developing the material fro accomplishment is extremely challenging if you haven't kept good records throughout your career, what you want to think about is, what was I expected to do, how would I do, how did I know I was doing a good job, how did I make money from my company, how did I save money, how did I save time, how did I help my peers, my customers, the company's bottom line? Think about all the different areas that you might have been beneficial and come up with those specific examples and be as specific as you possibly can about the benefits and the value and the measurable outcomes of your efforts in your resume. That's what is going to be impressive to employers.

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