Resume Writing – How long should my resume be?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Resume expert Louise Kursmark discusses resume length.

    Host: How long should my resume be? Louise Kursmark: Well, I think you have heard me say a couple of times that there are no rules and that's another one, another situation where there really is no rule. The resume needs to be as long as is necessary to tell your story and no longer. For some people, that's a page, for some people it's three. However, within those guidelines, please try to get to the point. Keep a resume as crisp as you possibly can. Don't clutter it up with unnecessary information so that you are going to bore your readers or turn off your readers and give them the chance to get distracted by an incoming e-mail message or somebody on the phone or somebody at their office to lose focus on your resume.

    Be crisp, be clear and get to the point in your resume. One page is great for new grads, two pages is great for professionals. If you are a new grad and you really need two pages, it's not a sin. You can go ahead and do that but just make sure that it's really, really needed and that you are telling people what they need to know and no more in the resume.

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