Resume Writing – What if my work experience on my resume doesn’t reflect what I want to do now?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Resume expert Louise Kursmark discusses if a resume’s work experience section doesn’t reflect what you want to do now.

    Host: What if my work experience on my resume doesn't reflect what would I want to do now?

    Louise Kursmark: A great question because it entails so many different factors to answer. When you are talking about making a radical career change, your resume is much more challenging to write because you can't just list that you have seven years experience as a bookkeeper or an accountant, if you now want to be a ballet dancer. It's the whole different ball game. You got to look at what you did in the past that relates to what you want to do in the present time and pull out the skills from the success story to write in your resume. You want to emphasize the right stuff and de-emphasize the wrong stuff. You want to downplay the job titles and play up the relevant experiences in your resume.

    So, it is more challenging. A lot of the career change, success and career change really relates not so much to your resume but to how you conduct your job search. It's much more complex because you have to get around the fact that and you don't have relevant experience. But start by proving that you have the relevant skills by looking at your background for evidence of that, even if they were in different job titles.

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