Resume Writing – What things on a resume do people really worry about, but shouldn’t?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Resume expert Louise Kursmark discusses what not to worry about when writing a resume.

    Host: What things on a resume do people really worry about that they shouldn t?

    Louise Kursmark: When you have something in your background that you have perceived to be a real negative, let us say you didn't get a bachelor's degree and you are worry that every job you are applying for requires a bachelor's degree or you have maybe you job hopped a little bit, you went from one job to the next at very short time frame and you think that employers are going to be really concerned about that. Whenever there is a circumstance in your own mind it's enormous. Quite likely, in the employer's mind, it's not so big, they have seen a lots of different candidates they don't necessarily have hard and fast rules about what they will and will not consider. They want employees who add value to the company, who are contributors and who will help them to be successful. If you have a situation that you think it's a real deterrent, do what you can to downplay it on the resume. So, it's not the first thing that they see and then don't worry about it. Go forward with your job search, be positive about what you have to offer and think about your methods for looking for a job. So, make sure that you are using your time and your resources in the most effective way, when you might not have a key qualification on paper.

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