Revamp Your Image – Finishing Touches and Personal Style

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fashion stylist Natalie Jobity discusses how to do the finishing touches when revamping your style and will also discuss personal style.

    Natalie Jobity

    As President of Élan Image Management, Natalie Jobity coaches women on how best to harness their own unique flair and lifestyle needs into a personal presence that is memorable, powerful and in alignment with their core values and beliefs. Natalie is certified by the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI). She has also received styling and image training from the Image Resource Center of NY, an internationally recognizable training group in the image consulting field. Natalie specializes in: •helping clients discover their personal style •coaching and mentoring on effective presence and ‘personal branding’ •styling clients for special events •accompanying clients on personal shopping expeditions •assisting clients in using color and accessories for impact and expression •conducting wardrobe audits •styling models for photo shoots or fashion shows She conducts workshops and seminars on creating ‘purposeful presence’ and works with local designers as a stylist for their fashion shows. She is a published writer and a member of the AICI, NAWBO (National Association of Women Business Owners), Ladies Who Launch, NAFE, DC Fashionista’s meetup group and Howard County Chamber of Commerce. She writes a monthly newsletter on image, presence, personal branding and fashion, writes a monthly column for ‘Passionate for Life’ ezine and has an active blog on her website Natalie’s formal education includes a B.S. in Accounting and Economics, a Masters in Finance and an MBA in Marketing. Personally, Natalie has always loved clothing and fashion and has had many evolutions in her own image. She has an intuitive sense when it comes to selecting color, fabric and cut to enhance different body shapes and colorings and how to harness people’s essence into their outward appearance. As a 6 foot tall woman, Natalie has first hand knowledge of how to address the needs of clients with very special considerations and how to make their image work for them in new and creative ways.

    Hello, my name is Natalie Jobity and I am President of Elan Image Management, an image consulting and fashion styling company. Today we are talking about the six ways you can revamp your image. The finishing touch is actually the things that often get overlooked and can actually be the one thing that detracts from your overall appearance. It involves things like having unpolished or unmanicured nails, having unkempt or tousled hair, having scuffed shoes, not paying attention to proper hygiene, having wrinkled clothing, wear wrinkled clothing. All those things details that people might not think it is important, but when youre trying to make an impression they actually do make a lot of difference. Other things can be, you're wearing a jacket and it's missing a button, or you have something torn or ripped, or you have a hem that's loose, all these finishing details actually diminish your appearance and your presence, and actually make you look less credible, less trustworthy, and less professional overall, and less pulled together, irregardless. So, you want to make sure before you leave the house you do what I call the ten second check. Make sure there is nothing in your teeth, your hair is fine, fluff the back of your hair. Look at all your clothing, make sure nothing is stained, nothing is loose, nothing is unmended, the buttons are all on straight, shoes are all polished. Just do that one quick checklist every time you leave your house, especially when you are leaving for an important meeting or important engagement, because you want to make sure you are looking your best. Now, I am going to demonstrate on the spot here with Catherine the different personal styles. There are actually seven different universal styles. So, the first style I want to show is sporty, which is actually the way Catherine came in here. She is literally dressed very casually, jeans, black tee, hair pulled back. This is typical of a sporty style. A sporty style is, it's casual, it's comfortable, it's very the GAP, it's very collegiate, that's sporty style. So, I am going to add a nice busboy cap, I am going to add some funky beats. It's all very creative, she is mixed green with tan, with black, and it's all very funky, creative, artistic. Now, I am going to show you using Catherine again, dramatic style. So, this is just again, just to give you an idea, we're literally using props here to show the style, but you see it's very -- the dramatic comes in; the red hat, it's big. She is wearing sunglasses. She has this lovely black scarf, but it's all very like, I want to be noticed. If Catherine walks out in the crowd looking like this in the fall, because it's a fall look, sort of, with short sleeves, she will definitely get attention. This red hat alone will give her attention. The whole point of dramatic style is they want to call attention to themselves. The next one is feminine, and as the word says, feminine style is what it sounds like, it's very soft, it's very approachable. A woman of feminine style, she wears lot of ruffles and lace. She is going to definitely be doing the earrings, her hair is likely going to be soft and wavy. She will love to wear skirts and dresses. That's the women of feminine style. Celebrities that exemplify that style are Reese Witherspoon or Jessica Alba. Elegant style, as the name again suggests, is very elegant. It's a woman who is very stately, she is refined. Everything is quality, all her jewelry is going to be with the finest jewelry. Her clothing is going to be well-made and quality, probably designer labels. She likely is wearing a monochromatic look in a suit or dress. It's very tailored, it's very perfect fit. Elegant style is dressing to a t. Celebrities that exemplify this style, the queen of it is Princess Diana, she was elegant all the way. Another one Grace Kelly, they are both very, very much icons of elegant style. The next personal style is alluring, and alluring is the naughtiest of the style, so to speak. It's the woman who loves to show her figure, show it off, to show some skin. She is either showing her arms, her back, some cleavage, her legs, whatever, this woman loves her body and wants people to notice it. The last personal style is traditional/classic. As the name suggests its the woman who pretty much sticks to the basic. At work she is wearing her suit, her skirt suit, with matching bottom. It's all low maintenance. Her haircut is probably very basic and simple. She pretty much is not trying to rock the boat. We have just discussed the six steps to revamp your image, and this was the last step. Thank you so much for watching and good luck revamping your image.