Revamp Your Image – The Impact of Color

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fashion stylist Natalie Jobity discusses the impact of color when revamping your image.

    Natalie Jobity

    As President of Élan Image Management, Natalie Jobity coaches women on how best to harness their own unique flair and lifestyle needs into a personal presence that is memorable, powerful and in alignment with their core values and beliefs. Natalie is certified by the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI). She has also received styling and image training from the Image Resource Center of NY, an internationally recognizable training group in the image consulting field. Natalie specializes in: •helping clients discover their personal style •coaching and mentoring on effective presence and ‘personal branding’ •styling clients for special events •accompanying clients on personal shopping expeditions •assisting clients in using color and accessories for impact and expression •conducting wardrobe audits •styling models for photo shoots or fashion shows She conducts workshops and seminars on creating ‘purposeful presence’ and works with local designers as a stylist for their fashion shows. She is a published writer and a member of the AICI, NAWBO (National Association of Women Business Owners), Ladies Who Launch, NAFE, DC Fashionista’s meetup group and Howard County Chamber of Commerce. She writes a monthly newsletter on image, presence, personal branding and fashion, writes a monthly column for ‘Passionate for Life’ ezine and has an active blog on her website Natalie’s formal education includes a B.S. in Accounting and Economics, a Masters in Finance and an MBA in Marketing. Personally, Natalie has always loved clothing and fashion and has had many evolutions in her own image. She has an intuitive sense when it comes to selecting color, fabric and cut to enhance different body shapes and colorings and how to harness people’s essence into their outward appearance. As a 6 foot tall woman, Natalie has first hand knowledge of how to address the needs of clients with very special considerations and how to make their image work for them in new and creative ways.

    Natalie Jobity: Hello! This is Natalie Jobity, President of Elan Image Management, and we are talking about the six ways to revamp your image. So, I am going to now show you some colors that actually are not Catherine's power colors. They are actual colors that we trapped from Catherine's presence. So they take away -- so wearing these colors actually takes away from the way she looks. The first example, I am going to show is the dusty. This is a very cool lavender color; its very, very cool. Again, Catherine is warm, so these colors are not going to be complimentary to her. So, I want to show you what this does when she wears cool colors. As you will see, this color is very sort of like blah on her, it's just there, it doesn't do a whole lot for her look.

    Similarly, a dusty pink, again a very cool, very subdued imbued color, that's the other key, these colors are all grey undertones or blue undertones. They are cool and muted, they are not optimal colors. So, Catherine again, she is just looking very, she is blending in, in this color, so again not a power color for Catherine. Another example is this mustardy color, which is really against her color. Her color temperature completely is just at odds with everything about her. It clashes with her hair; it doesn't do anything for her skin tone. It is actually a color she needs to actually avoid, it's that bad. Another color that's not favorable on Catherine is a tan color. Again, it's just going to be blending into her complexion. This color is a neutral, but it's a neutral that's not complimentary to Catherine. So, it doesn't do anything for her. She should avoid this color. Let's get to some of her power colors. Brown as we saw in the first test was one of Catherine's -- she is warm and brown is warm. So, brown is a great color for Catherine, and when you see the brown with her hair and her eyes and her skin, you will see it's a very warm inviting look for her. This is a great color for Catherine. Another great color for her is a Teal Blue and I have this, this is beautiful scarf. When you see her in this blue, you will just see how amazing she is going to look. Her eyes are going to pop, it's really phenomenal. This is Catherine in this Teal Blue. She looks amazing; this is the impact of color. Color, it's just the color; she can have the same scarf in that tan color. You will see the result of how that this looks at her. This looks amazing; she looks stunning in this color.

    Another great color for Catherine is this Forest Green, actually Pea Green, it's a Pea Green color. It's lovely, it's again a warm, a warm green, very, very young, very inviting, very warm, very in harmony with her skin, hair and eyes. She looks beautiful in this color as well. I will show you two more, actually one more. Now, I will show you her real power color. There is this lovely blue, darker blue. So, she can wear dark colors obviously, but this is a very warm tone blue. It's a very unusual blue, but it's a blue that has a warm undertone. It makes her pop again, it brings out her eyes, and there is a lighter blue that's also very complimentary that brings out her eyes in a different way. It's the lighter blue; this color also is very flattering on Catherine.

    Now, for the final power color is red. Actually, knowing the right red is really important, because you can have blue reds and you can warm reds. This red is a warm red, this is the red that Catherine wears and can wear to look sexy, to look attractive, to look powerful, to look commanding. It is one of her biggest power colors. Look at that, she looks fabulous and she is actually wearing a red lipstick to match and you can see this just looks phenomenal. She looks like a babe. So, there you have it. This is the impact of color, color again is you want to use strategically, and also know the colors personality. Each color has a personality, red is very commanding, very strong, it's very authoritative, blue is conservative, it's safe. It says I can trust you, green is friendly and warm. It says I am a team player. Yellow for instance is very bright, energetic, it's very playful, that's why all the childrens things are yellow. What other color, am I missing, purple says, I am different, I am unique. Every color has its own actual personality as well. So, when you use color don't just think of what looks good on you, also think of what effect am I trying to get from this color. Do I want to be commanding then you wear red, do I want to look alluring, then you might wear red as well. Do I want to look more conservative and more corporate like that's why many corporate suits are blue, because blue is a very corporate, very trustworthy color. That's why there are many blue suits around corporate America. Do I want to get in trust and be more inviting to people, green, greens are very safe colors. Do I want to be different, purple or orange says I am different. So, each color has a personality. So, knowing, one whether you are warm and cool then two in the warm and cool spectrum, which are your power colors and which colors you can just stay away from, and three what color personality you are going from, what impact you are going for would help you use color strategically in your wardrobe. This has been the first step in the six steps to revamp your image; we have just talked about color and how to use it strategically. Now, we are going to talk about accessories for revamping our image.