Revamp Your Image – Using Accessories

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fashion stylist Natalie Jobity discusses how to use accessories to revamp your image.

    Natalie Jobity

    As President of Élan Image Management, Natalie Jobity coaches women on how best to harness their own unique flair and lifestyle needs into a personal presence that is memorable, powerful and in alignment with their core values and beliefs. Natalie is certified by the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI). She has also received styling and image training from the Image Resource Center of NY, an internationally recognizable training group in the image consulting field. Natalie specializes in: •helping clients discover their personal style •coaching and mentoring on effective presence and ‘personal branding’ •styling clients for special events •accompanying clients on personal shopping expeditions •assisting clients in using color and accessories for impact and expression •conducting wardrobe audits •styling models for photo shoots or fashion shows She conducts workshops and seminars on creating ‘purposeful presence’ and works with local designers as a stylist for their fashion shows. She is a published writer and a member of the AICI, NAWBO (National Association of Women Business Owners), Ladies Who Launch, NAFE, DC Fashionista’s meetup group and Howard County Chamber of Commerce. She writes a monthly newsletter on image, presence, personal branding and fashion, writes a monthly column for ‘Passionate for Life’ ezine and has an active blog on her website Natalie’s formal education includes a B.S. in Accounting and Economics, a Masters in Finance and an MBA in Marketing. Personally, Natalie has always loved clothing and fashion and has had many evolutions in her own image. She has an intuitive sense when it comes to selecting color, fabric and cut to enhance different body shapes and colorings and how to harness people’s essence into their outward appearance. As a 6 foot tall woman, Natalie has first hand knowledge of how to address the needs of clients with very special considerations and how to make their image work for them in new and creative ways.

    Natalie Jobity: Hello! My name is Natalie Jobity, President of Elan Image Management, an Image consulting company. We are talking today about the six steps to revamp your image. Accessories actually they are fun way to actually give yourself a sense of style in your look and also conceive as a bridge to express your personal flair in an otherwise corporate or drab image appearance. There are so many kinds of accessories to could choose from. For instance, I am holding sunglasses and I want to just show you, Catherine is my model and I will just show you, sunglasses and what they could do for your look. It is cool way to funk up. Oh look, she is wearing the real cool sunglasses, if you want if it gets you inside you pull it up, within your face, it becomes way to hold your hair way back, easy little trick gives a whole new look, that is glasses. Good way to know what your accessories should hit you or where your neckline should fall is knowing where balance points are? What are your balance points essentially they are just points on your chest, your torso area and your neck that says ideally to be in harmony with your face. These are where your necklines or your necklaces should fall. Balance point is determined by the length of your face. So literally what I am going to do is measure Catherines face and it is not even measurement, just taking the inch tape and going -- the face is 8 inches long then putting this tape right there and going straight down and just by chance she is actually wearing a neckline that is at her first balance point. The first balance point actually is the lowest point, balance point that you can have. So for Catherine this is the where she wants either a necklace or her necklines to ideally to be in harmony with her look, she wants them to end here. Her second balance point which is higher up, is based on the widest part of her face, and this is how this works, you take the tape and you pretty much as go -- in Catherines face the widest part of her face is actually by her cheek bones, everybodys face shape is different, so yours might be higher up or low, depending on your face shape. For Catherine, it is here and all we are going to do; is take this, move it downwards and bear in mind, the shape of her face and she has a little beak going there. Her second balance point is right here so that also says that when she is wearing a necklace she shouldnt wear this actual t-shirt, when she is wearing a necklace, she -- ideally again for harmony and for the best image she want, this the second balance point to be utilized right here at the necklace or a some kind of accessory. Now lets show Catherine in some different looks. We showed Catherine earlier with her power color which is red, so I am going to use some red accessories with this plain black top to show you the impact of accessories. First, you are going to have Catherine put on some red earrings. Thanks Catherine, and I am going to -- at the same time I will also fit her with matching red necklace set. Again we are just trying to jazz up her little outfit here, her little black top and jeans. And we are just putting this right necklace on to again we are just building on the look here, so now we have her with the red necklace and this is the tiered necklace, little tangled but you get the idea, tiered necklace. Now I am going to add some more. We are going to add a clutch, a red clutch and to top it up because Catherine has a little bit of flair in her personality and because she can handle it, we will put a nice big sloppy hat on her, look how great that looks. So, this necklace has a whole different effect, it is again it is more casual funky look but it is just a different way to wear because it is long, it is giving her more length there in her torso, and so she just looks a little bit taller with this necklace. Here is Catherine, in a black shirt, this time and we just using the neutral colors to just show the again impacts of accessories. That is why we are going black and black is also the color, Catherine can wear. She is wearing a plain black shirt, I am just going to show, and she actually has blue earrings on, because I want to show you a quick trick with the scarf. Scarfs are great way to accentuate a very plain top or shirt and also it can wear for you to actually have a signature style, if you are very good with scarfs and tying them, they can be a really great accessories for you to use. In this case she can wear the scarf, this blue scarf and again blue is one of the colors that is why we chose it. Just tie it around her neck which I am doing right now and it can be side ways like this or another way to do it is to do it from the front with all the tuck showing of course and tuck it into the shirt. So, that you have a look of she has -- again just adding color in otherwise pin off it near the top of her face, so it gives a little more oomph. Lets show a different look with this same shirt, with the same shirt you want to we have a plain, it is a fitted shirt and it is very cute but will be nice if we could belt it because Catherine has a lovely figure and she wants to show her figure off. So she can actually wear the same shirt but belt it instead. You are going to use the contrasting color just so we can show off her lovely figure and just a simple fabric belt in a burgundy color and again it is just to give a contrast, another way to just jazz up this outfit. Now we will pull this look together, is the right necklace and we have one here, it is lovely beaded necklace. We have this lovely necklace that actually knots, where the shirt breaks actually it is close to Catherines balance point but also this color here add some vertical interest and again it is just jazzing up her look, if she wants to get even funkier she can add some bangles, bangles are really in right now and it is fun way to just jazz up again an outfit, if you want to look more funky wear a bunch of bangles and you got a whole other look so that is it. This is the new look again for Catherine so we have just talked about all the ways you can accessories strategically to coordinate your ensemble, to enhance your image. We are going to move on now to proportions and how to use clothing to flatter and enhance your figure in order to revamp your image.