Revitalizing a Fall Garden with Colorful Perennials

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Master Gardener William Moss shares his expert advice on rejuvenating a tired garden with colorful Fall perennials.

    William Moss: Colorful flowers will have to stop just because summer does, many perennials don't even begin to shine until the cooler days of autumn arrive. Today, we are planting fall perennials. Let's get to it.

    As you can see this garden has seen better days. It was great for summer what the impatiens and the cleomes were doing that thing, but now they are all kind of spin. We want to clear all these guys out and bring in some new plants, especially some of those beautiful fall perennials.

    So we are just going to chop these guys right down. They did their job and now it's over with. Pull up any of the weeds that may have come and grown in as well. All your summer bulbs and flowers can come up as well. You just want to get them out of the ground and store it for later.

    Then you just want to make the surface smooth. You can add fall color like asters, mums, lots of great fall bloomy perennials that will come back year after year. You want to place them on the ground to get an idea of how they are going to look.

    You want to dig the hole only as deep as the pot is. This plant doesn't want to be any deeper than that. Take the plant out of the pot and gently loosen the roots. Then in that fill with soil. Once they are planted, add about 2 inches of mulch around the plants.

    You have got everything mulched, then it's time to water. What I am going to show you is water deeply when you plant and check them frequently to make sure that they stay moist, especially if the weather has been dry.

    You need to keep watering for about two weeks or so, once it gets established. And check, any gardener setter will show you, there is still a lot going on this season. Plant fall perennials that we have covered now, and many others to come. Get out and grow.