Rinsing Your Motorcycle

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Automotive cleaning specialist Michael Daiuto demonstrates how to rinse the motorcycle off.

    Michael Daiuto: Hi! I'm Michael at Pro-Clean. Today, we are learning how to wash in detail a motorcycle we have already got it, all suds and everything. Now, we are going to rinse it off. One quick thing, you can buy this at any hardware, any Wal-Mart or any Kmart, any place like that, very inexpensive, its a pressure washer. You can buy inexpensive ones for under $100; they work excellent on cleaning motorcycles, automobiles, driveways everything. You will find a million uses for it, if you have the room, and space, and time pick one of these up, but if not a hose works fine.

    So, lets get it rinsed off. One other thing, always make sure the motorcycle is cool and it hasn't been ridden for a little while, if very hot, it will stain the engine, and youll also burn yourselves. So, make sure the engine is cool before you start working on it.

    Lets get it rinsed off, just like a car; we start at the top and working way down. Again, around the electrical gauges, the handle bars and things like that, just rinse them off lightly and quickly, you don't have to saturate them. The engine block, all those things, they are all waterproof but try not to flood the thing.

    Get up underneath there wherever you spray the detergent underneath there all down, get all your suds is rinsed off.

    Thats how that's done, and that's how you rinse off a motorcycle.