Roasted Pork with Autumn Vegetables

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Harris Teeter’s Executive Chef Phil Anderson teaches you how to make roasted pork with autumn vegetables.

    Phil Anderson: Hi! I'm Chef Phil Anderson, Harris Teeter's executive chef. Roasted Pork with Autumn Vegetables is the dish we are going to make today. The ingredients are a two-and-a-quarter pound boneless pork line, we are going to roast that, we've trimmed it a bit , two fennel bulbs ,one small onion, one tablespoon of Extra Virgin olive oil, two tablespoon of fresh sage, three quarters of a teaspoons of kosher salt, three quarters of a freshly ground black pepper, one large rutabaga, eight baby carrots, if you don't want peel your carrots, one bag of a Brussels sprouts, a bunch of a baby beets -trimmed, three quarters of a cup of reduced vegetables broth, half-a-cup of dry white wine. Today, I'm using the Rodney Strong Sonoma Chardonnay, its awesome, and two tea spoon of Dijon mustard.

    Now, you notice that I cut the onions and the Fennel leaving the root side on there that will keep the onion in the fennel pretty much intact, some of it will come off but we want to keep them as whole as possible, So now we've got to go over to the saut station saut these up a bit.

    I've got up my pan over a medium-high heat and we are going to add about two tablespoons of olive oil to this pan. Let it get nice and hot. Now what we want to do is just start this veggies out. We've got -- they are pretty big pieces, so we want to start them off, so that they cook all the way through and develop flavor that we want in the oven, Okay I'm going to start putting this in here, you can hear the sizzle, you'll hear appear it more in a second. Okay we are looking good, we are not going to be over crowding our pan. It doesn't look like. Here we go! Move it around a little bit.

    Now, we are going to leave it there for a good 2 minutes or so and then we'll flip them on the other side, so that they give nice caramelization going on. We've got nice color here and that's what we've gone for. So we are going to take, take this up, cut the heat and then we are going to take this back over to our pork and we're going to put it into the along with the pork line so that when we roast it off they'll give all that flavor and it will cook all the way through. Okay, we are going to take this vegetables from the pan and put them right in to our pork and that's finish off. They're not cooked, they're just caramelized on the outside. They will get nice and tender, fork-tender as we roast them off. Now, I'm going to add some of these other vegetables; the rutabaga. They don't need to -- they'll be done when -- I've cut them to the pretty nice size. So they should cook all the way through with no problem and then we are going to take the Brussels sprouts, same thing, little bit small, leave that carrot, nice color and then the beets; nice and trimmed, okay. Now we are going to do little salt and pepper over the pork and I will salt and pepper over the vegetables and then we're going to throw little bit of the sage on the top of the pork, take a little bit more, put it over the veggies. Also over the pork though.

    So, we've pre-heated our oven to 400 degrees. Now, we explained the process here. We've a rack underneath the pork. So the pork's going to drain some of its juices. When we pull it out of the oven after 50 minutes after roasting all this off, we are going to take all this out of here and we are going to go after that, that's stock, that's down there because we are going to make a sauce over on a saut station, okay.

    So in about 50 minutes I'll see you. We'll be right back!

    Okay we've been fooling around for about 50 minutes while this roast has been cooking. So we are going to take that roast out right now and yeah beautiful. Smell that! That is awesome! So, why don't you just take this roast, put it on a platter and our vegetables, all that good juice in there, take this rack right out. You saw that nice, beautiful juice. It's all the flavorings from the roasted pork and all the vegetables. So there we have it, we're going to take and we're going to reduce it down, add some more ingredients to it, have a really a nice sauce to top our pork. We're going to put - set our flame over pretty medium-high heat and then we're going take our drippings, anything on a bottom of this pan is called fond. I'm fond of my fond, okay. And then we're going to reduce all this down. That was the vegetable stock and this is the Rodney Strong Chardonnay and now we are going to take two teaspoons of mustard and we are just going to whip it in there like that. So, we're going to bring this up to a simmer and I'm going to let it simmer until it reduces down about half way and that'll be about 10 minutes or so. Okay, we're back, we've let this simmer down to about half of what it was and we're going to some nice roasted vegetables down this plate and serve up some other of this, that wants to come along. So we will let in, yeah it got there. Then little bit of the sauce, just pour it right over. Okay, there you have it! Roasted Pork with Autumn vegetables. Enjoy!