Roasting a Turkey – Finishing Touches & Leftovers

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Daniel Traster demonstrates how to roast a turkey including the finishing touches and what to do with the leftovers.

    Daniel Traster: I am Daniel Traster and today we are learning how to roast a turkey. In this step, we are going to talk about carry-over cooking and what to do with leftovers.

    When a turkey is finished and you have gotten the right temperature, you want to cover it with some foil and give it a chance to rest for about 20 minutes. That will let the residual temperature move towards the center and allow the juices to distribute. Here, this turkey has had 20 minutes resting time. So we going to go ahead and remove the foil, it still nice and warm; it would be great to serve to your guests.

    We are going to now take it and just transfer it to a little platter here, if you want to show it off to your guests at this point, so they see the beautiful turkey you have done this is a great time to do it. However, we are going to carve the turkey. And when you carve the turkey its important to carve it all the way. You want to save your leftovers and make sure they are safe to eat several days or months from now.

    So rather than putting a whole turkey in the refrigerator, after you are done eating, carve the turkey, and put the leftovers into shallow containers in the refrigerator. There they will cool down quickly and give you a chance to eat them safely for three to four days. If you think you want to use them for longer than that, put them in the freezer where they will last three to four months. From there you can turn them into turkey casseroles or different soups and stews; I even love to make ravioli out of them.

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    com. So there you have it, we have learned how to roast a turkey. I wish you all a wonderful holiday season.