Robotic Automatic Pool Cleaner Care and Maintenance

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Kevin Braidic, Product Manager with Zodiac Pool Systems, talks about care and maintenance for robotic automatic pool cleaners.

    Kevin Braidic: Hi! My name is Kevin Braidic, Product Manager with Zodiac Pool Systems. Today, we are talking about care and maintenance of your automatic pool cleaner.

    Now, we will specifically talk about robotic cleaners. Before performing any maintenance or service or even removing the cleaner from the pool, it's important to always disconnect the power supply from it's power source. Once the power supply has been disconnected from it's power source, remove the cleaner from the water and let any remaining water drain out by maintaining the cleaner in a vertical position.

    Next, position the cleaner to remove the filter element. Remove the filter element or bag from that cleaner and empty that element. You can also machine wash filter bags, according to the manufacturer's instructions.

    If you have a filter element or cartridge, rinse that element or cartridge and replace appropriately. After rinsing if a caddie or cart is available loosely coil the cord in large loops and hang on the caddie. It's recommended that the cleaner be stored on the caddie so the brushes do not become deformed and deteriorate while in storage. The caddie storage also allows a cleaner to dry more quickly.

    Roll the cleaner and caddie into a sheltered area until its next use. So those have been some tips for care and maintenance of your automatic pool cleaner. I hope they have been helpful. We thank you very much for watching.