Robots Kids Can Program

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Start-up company Play-i has created two robots that kids can program themselves in order to promote robotics and programming among children.

    Start-up company Play-i has created a pair of robots with the goal of getting children interested in robotics and programming.  Bo and Yana take commands from an iPad and are designed to be programmed by children.  Bo at $149 is an explorer on three-wheels and can be programmed to run obstacle courses and play music on a xylophone.  Yana at $49 is more of a storyteller, rolling across surfaces or slopes, lighting up and making sounds.  Children can program the robots via two drag-and-drop style apps called Scratch and Blocky or the basic Play-i programming.  Google Ventures put in $1 million in seed money for the product but the company has a crowdsourcing campaign to garner the rest, where you can pre-order a robot for your kids that will hopefully ship in the summer of 2014.