Rock Climbing – Rest Positions and Heel Hooks

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Rock climbing expert Crystal Norman demonstrates rock climbing and rest positions and heel hooks.

    Crystal Norman: Hi, my name is Crystal Norman, I am with Earth Treks, here in Rockville, Maryland. I am going to be showing you how to rock climb, and right now Meridian and I are going to go over rest positions and heel hooks, but first we are going to do some important safety checks. Meridian is going to check to make sure my carabiner is locked and that the rope and ATC are loaded properly. I am going to make sure that she has a good figure 8 knot, with a good backup knot. We are both going to make sure that our harnesses are on properly. Meridian: On the legs.

    Crystal Norman: Legs on.

    Meridian: Climbing.

    Crystal Norman: Climb on. Often times in climbing you will notice that somewhere in the middle of the route, you are feeling pretty fatigue, as you can't hold down to anything else anymore, but sometimes the route, there are specifically put a rest position in there for you. Right now you will notice that Meridian can shake out above her head and below, so that she can recover, and that she can do it with both hands. Right now Meridian is doing a heel hook on her right side, and that really helps in your climbing, because you end up using a larger muscle grip; your quadricep, rather than your calf muscle, it gives you more power. Meridian: Off the legsCrystal Norman: Legs off. That was rest positions and heel hooks, and next we are going to go over some rock climbing ethics and etiquettes.