Rock Climbing – Traversing and Climbing Etiquette

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Rock climbing expert Crystal Norman demonstrates rock climbing and traversing and climbing etiquette.

    Crystal Norman: Hi, my name is Crystal Norman, I am with Earth Treks Climbing Gyms, here in Rockville, Maryland. Today we are showing you how to rock climb. Right now we are going to go over traversing and some climbing gym ethics and etiquette. You will notice that Meridian is traversing; this is commonly viewed as just climbing to the side, but its a common practice for training. A lot of people do it when they don't necessarily have a belayer. One thing that we do want to make sure that we notice is that Meridian would be cautious of any other climbers in the area. Also, when you are climbing in the climbing gym, and you are on a rope with your partner, you may notice that there are other people in line waiting behind you to get in that area. This is something that we kind of want to be cautious of. We want other people to be able to get in on the climbs if they want to get on as well. So it's common practice for us to take turns as we are climbing in a climbing gym. One more thing that we always want to think about when we are in the climbing gym, safety is a major concern to all the staff members and the climbers around you. So from time to time you may notice someone doing something that's a little bit unsafe or questionable, and at that time you should notify the front desk, or if you can, let that climber know.