Rodent Control – Traps vs. Poisons

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Victor’s rodent control expert Andy Woolworth discusses traps and poisons.

    Andy Walworth: Hi! I am Andy Walworth with Victor. Today, I'm discussing the difference traps and poisons.

    Traps and poisons are both highly effective ways of eliminating rodent problems. Understanding the advantages and uses of each will help you as you encounter issues with pests.

    Mechanical traps remain the fastest and most reliable solution to control rats and mice. Trapping mice has many advantages over other methods, including value, ease of removal, and safety. Traps are time-tested and are a top choice by professionals for fast effective rodent control.

    Traps are naturally alluring to a curious rodent. If enough traps are put out the first night it is very likely that you may eliminate your rodent problem within 24 hours. Traps are nontoxic, making them safe around children and pets, and come in a variety of options from simple wood snap traps to advanced electronic traps. Rodent baits, also known as rodenticides offer an economical and efficient approach for eliminating large rodent populations. The most commonly used formulations in rodenticides are pellets and blocks. Typically, blocks are used in bait stations or secured in one location to prevent rodents from carrying them away. Pellets encourage the rodent to transfer them. For this reason this type of mouse bait is not suggested for use in homes with children or pets.

    Rodenticides enable effective control of large rodent populations where are trapping would be impractical. Rodenticides are appealing to rodents because they contain a majority of the rodents' natural food source. Baits are mainly composed of grains and seeds. These fruits are proved to be very appealing and well accepted by most rodents.

    Additionally, most rodenticide actives are odorless and tasteless increasing the appeal and palatability of this control method. Rodenticide active ingredients are formulated in several ways to provide a wide range of options for controlling rodents in any environment. Rodent and mouse bait can be used inside or outside and has been proven to appeal to those pesky creatures.

    So that's the basics of rodent traps and poisons.