Rodman in Rehab

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dennis Rodman admits to an alcohol problem and checks himself into a New Jersey rehab facility following recent controversy over his friendship with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un.

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    Admitting is the first step and Dennis Rodman has done just that and checked himself into rehab. 


    The former basketball player has entered a center in New Jersey to deal with alcohol addiction.  The news comes after the sports star returned from North Korea to celebrate Kim Jong Un’s birthday where he has made several controversial trips over the last year.  Only recently the 52-year-old had given a controversial interview to CNN where he condoned the use of hard labor.  He later apologized blaming alcohol and high levels of stress.  And it seems he’s sorting out his problem, as he’s due to stay in the facility for 30 days.  It’s not the first time the Double Team actor has sought help, he had a brief stint in 2008 and made an appearance on Celebrity Rehab shortly before another relapse.


    Stay sober Dennis!


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