Romantic Dinner Cocktail – Kir Royal

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Professional chef Javier Quiroga of To Your Taste Catering demonstrates how to make a romantic dinner for two including how to make a dinner cocktail – Kir Royal.

    Javier Quiroga: Hi! My name is Javier Quiroga. I am with To Your Taste Catering. Today I am here with Alonso Quiroga. He is our General Sales Manager, bartender extraordinary man and my brother with a hair. Anyway, today, we are showing you how to make a romantic dinner for two. He is going to be showing us how to make couple of drinks you can have with this meal. And to start off, he is going to start with the Kir Royal. So Alonso. Alonso Quiroga: Thank you Javier. I will have, if you can cut me a garnish of a lemon twist, please. And you take the Champagne out which is nice and chilled. Javier Quiroga: Any champagne works?


    Alonso Quiroga: Any champagne works, probably, of course, if it is a special day, you can use a nice bottle, impress the ladies always with a good champagne and then, let's go ahead and open it. Pop it away from the face because it can create some kind of accident. May be it hit you on the forehead. So, what you want to do, you just get any raspberry liquor. Chambord is my favorite. And you just pour a little bit of the Champagne fluid, about tablespoons worth. And then go ahead and pour it. And look at those beautiful colors coming up. Not too much to overflow and then do it again for the other glass. The Chambord on top of the nice flavor. It gives you a sense of the beautiful color. Javier Quiroga: Can you use anything besides Chambord?

    Alonso Quiroga: You can do use any type of raspberry liquor. So, it is up to you really. So the traditional Kir Royal just gets a lemon twist. What you want to do, like how you saw how you took it out of the nice lemon. You get in and you twist it in. So you can get that zest juice in there and then you rim it around to give it a nice little lemon flavor to this as well and then you are just serving it and you can leave it like that as a garnish or just throw it in. So, that is your typical Kir Royal. But you being a little more romantic and I think it is a great idea to do. Get nice fresh beautiful raspberries and then just go ahead and drop it in.

    Javier Quiroga: Order tonight.

    Alonso Quiroga: And then you are ready to go. And there you have it. Here are your two fabulous Kir Royals, one with the fresh raspberry inside and the one with the lemon twist and that's for you have to compliment your strawberries with dessert. Up next, I am going to show you another fabulous cocktail, the French Martini.