Romantic Dinner – Cooking Lamb Chops

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Professional chef Javier Quiroga of To Your Taste Catering demonstrates how to make a romantic dinner for two including tips for cooking the lamb chops.

    Javier Quiroga: Hello! I am Javier Quiroga with To Your Taste Catering and today we are showing you how to make a romantic dinner for two. Right now I am going to show you guys how to make, how to cook the lamb chops that have been marinading. Okay. What we have here, we have two saute pans that are very hot. Okay. What we want to do, we want to get a nice sear on the lamb chops. Okay. They have been, so much to do, they have been marinading, okay, overnight. Very very nice. Okay and what we are going to do basically we are going to put this side down. Okay, first we will see we want to get the sear all over the way around that, okay. One here, one here. The little one there and the little one here. While that's cooking on that side, what are we going to do, we are going to saute Artichoke as well. Okay. That is also for the presentation of the plate. You have a vegetable also going along with that. Alright. Give your hot pan here, just a little bit of oil, not too much. Okay, then half a piece still may be. And you have Artichoke heart. These are just from the bottle from the can. So there is just right. We are going to give in the flavor here. And again, you also want to give these a nice color. So just leave it like that for little while. The lamb chops here, they should be getting nice color on the side, see, that beautiful color here. That is perfect. And that is what a hot pan does. You want to make sure that very very hot pan returning them and remember the thicker ones is going to take a lot longer than the smaller ones. So these guys are going to be almost ready. Then with Artichoke heart, see the color they are getting already. Very nice. This little guys, see how they are. They are basically done. I am just taking them out. Just placing them right here for right now. Alright. So we got the other side of the lamb chop ready to go. Now we got the inverted side. This part here. Okay. Just we want to get a sear on all sides and the main reason for that is for color and also you want to keep all the juices sealed in inside the lamb chop. Okay, so, once you cut into it, it is nice and juicy and then you are not losing a lot of flavor on that. This Artichokes, usually they come in some kind of a brined that always they have got a little bit of salt, little bit of pepper just to give it a nice flavor to it. Your Artichoke hearts are basically done. Okay. These guys one more time here. Look at our rosemary right there, see how beautiful that is. Remember when I showed you to how to clean the fat, bristle the fat that was leftover and that fat is just awesome. I mean you can't go wrong with that. Alright, these are done. I am going to put this little guys right back in their food. And now we are going to put this in the oven. You want to cook these until their internal temperature about 120 degrees, so that can be medium rare. They are probably like 130, so 120 you get tender grease for carry over heat. Alright, our lamb chops are in the oven right now at 325 degrees. I am not going to leave them very long, may be another two to three minutes until they are medium rare. And next, I am going to show you how to make the Tzatziki sauce for the plate.