Romantic Dinner – Plating

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Professional chef Javier Quiroga of To Your Taste Catering demonstrates how to make a romantic dinner for two including tips for plating the main dish.

    Javier Quiroga: Hello! My name is Javier Quiroga with To Your Taste Catering. Today we are showing you how to make a romantic dinner for two. Now we are ready for the grand finale. The plating of the dish we have been working so hard on. So we got the sweet potatoes here, which is a sweet potato puree. What you want to do is put a couple of spoons worth in the middle. Okay. Right in the middle just like that. Alright, in both plates. Now this is the fun part. Alright. Here we have lamb chops. Okay, now what you want to? Remember what I told you in the beginning. Hello, the lamb chop how are you? No. I told you guys at the beginning how you take the little one of and then keep two together with the bone here. The reason is you can go ahead and marinade them like this. Okay. And we are just going to give the plate a beautiful presentation. So, we are going to do it here on top of the thing here. Just like that. What do you guys think? Not bad. You do the same thing with this guy here. Now we are going to use our Artichokes. Okay. Now we have Artichokes, one, one end of the plates here. And this thing. This one send up, again. That looks beautiful, that you know. If you don't get an 'A' for alpha for doing this, then I don't know. I don't want to tell you. So you got that. And then we are going to put the Tzatziki sauce. Okay. Put on the sides. Alright. Like that. Next we will color. Like that. Alright. And then you have the rosemary already in there, so we are going to put a little spread of this in here. Just like that. Alright. Just like that. There you have it. Our lamb chop dinner for two. Plate already to go. Next, I am going to show how to make chocolate cover strawberry dessert to finish your meal.