Romantic Dinner – Sweet Potato Puree

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Professional chef Javier Quiroga of To Your Taste Catering demonstrates how to make a romantic dinner for two including how to make a sweet potato puree.

    Javier Quiroga: Hello! My name is Javier Quiroga and I am with To Your Taste Catering. Today we are showing you how to make a romantic dinner for two. Right now we are showing you how to make the sweet potato puree. The ingredients that you are going to be using for this are going to be one and a half cubed sweet potatoes or yams, about half a stick of butter. We are going to be using a little bit of heavy cream and little bit of chicken stock. You peel it, cut in half. What you want to do cut them in smaller, small chunks and then once you boil them, they will be much much softer and easier to mash at the end. Okay.

    I have a pot of boiling water here on the stove up already. You need to salt this, not too heavy. Okay and you want to put about, for two people, I think one potato should be enough, depends on the size. Sometimes they are lot bigger, sometimes they are lot smaller. Now we have about one potato in there. So I am going to bring that to boil and you want to boil this until they are a little bit more than for tender. Should be about ten-fifteen minutes for them to be ready to be mashed. Alright, it has been about 15 minutes and our sweet potatoes are ready to go. You can see them. They are basically falling apart right now in the water. What we want to do, drain them alright. You use a rack because you don't want to burn your hand. Draining it out. What I know I would like to do when I am making mash potatoes, sweet potatoes, whatever, I put it right back in the same pot. So it stays hot. Just put them right in. At this time, with your mash potatoes here, what we want to do, we want to put about a quarter stick of butter. Okay in there. You are going to put a little bit of chicken stock, only about little less than a quarter cup. Same with the heavy cream. What you want to do, you are going to add a little bit right now. Because you are going to always add more to it later on. You know. So you got a little bit of salt in there and a little bit of pepper in there. With your masher here, you want to just mash the potato. This is the exact consistency we are looking to do on the mash potato. See how it kind of sticks by the pan there. When you put on the plate, it doesn't roll over the plate and that is not too stiff either. So that is how you do the sweet potato puree. Next, I am going to show you how to make the lamb chops.