Rubik’s Cube – Solving First Layer Corners

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Rubik’s Cube expert Bob Burton demonstrates how to solve the first layer corners of a Rubik’s cube.

    Bob Burton

    Bob is a math teacher at a high school in New York City. He received his B.A. in mathematics from Rutgers University and is currently pursuing a M.A. in mathematics education from the City College of New York. He also has a great interest in the sciences, especially physics and chemistry. Bob has been solving Rubik's Cubes since 2001 and competed in over twenty official contests all over the world. He has held several world records and national titles for Rubik's puzzles, including the Rubik's Magic and Square-1. At Rutgers University, Bob founded the RU Rubik's Cube Club, which hosted official competitions twice each year, attracting competitors from all over the country in addition to several international competitors. He has also developed several fingertricks for Rubik's Cube algorithms that are used by some of the fastest speedcubers in the world. Bob is also the webmaster for, a site designed for speedcubers to learn new tricks and become faster. He currently averages about twenty seconds to solve a Rubik's Cube with a personal best of 13 seconds. He has even solved the puzzle blindfolded in several official competitions. Bob currently lives with his family in Kearny, New Jersey.

    I am Bob Burton, Rubik's Cube Expert, and I am teaching you how to solve Rubik's Cube. Now that we have the cross completed, we will move on to the corners or the first layer. The corners are just the pieces that have three stickers on them. You could find them at the corners of the Rubik's cube puzzle. Since we have solved the white cross, we will next solve the white corners. The first step is to look for any corners with a white sticker on the side of the Rubik's cube puzzle as opposed to the bottom of the puzzle. Once we find the piece like that, we take the piece and put it underneath where it belongs. For example, the red, blue, white corner, belongs in between the red and blue centers. Once we have done so, we move the face away from you, alongside the white sticker. This brings the white sticker across from the white edge, so we can move the bottom layer towards the white edge to make a small 2x1 block. Once we have done that, we take the corner and edge and put them back up to the white layer. Now we have solved the first corner of the Rubik's cube. We look for another piece, because there are four corners. If you notice this blue, orange corner belongs underneath this piece. Here is the blue center, here is the orange center. Since the white is on the right side of me, I move it away, move the white towards the white edge, and place it up again. Now I have completed the second corner of the Rubik's cube.

    Next, I find the corner where the white is facing the bottom. In order to solve this corner I need to move the right layer down, then I have to move the bottom layer twice, and the right layer back up. What this did was it rotated the corner so that its now facing the side. Once its facing the side we already know what to do. We can move the corner underneath where it belongs, where it already is, move the white sticker towards the back, line it up with the edge and restore the white cross. We now only have one more corner to do. Its on the bottom of the Rubik's cube with the white sticker. We move that sticker away, bottom twice, and then put the right face back up again. We can put the white sticker right next to underneath where it goes, move that face away, restore the white going up, and place the last piece. Now that we have finished the first layer, we can move on to the middle layer edges of the Rubik's cube.