Sail Away With The Apalachee Bay Yacht Club

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Visit Shell Point, the closest water access on the Gulf of Mexico to Tallahassee, and spend a beautiful day out on the water.

    Steve LaRosa: Shell Point is a quick 30-minute drive from Downtown Tallahassee straight south, its the closet water access on the Gulf of Mexico to Tallahassee. We are going to take our sailboats out and enjoy a beautiful day on the water.

    Shell Point is a very good sailing area; its got nice wind and nice calm waters. Sailing gives you a different feel, it kind of releases your mind and lets you just enjoy the wind and the water, its just a really nice way to spend an afternoon.

    The Yacht Club at Shell Point offers sailing classes for youth and adults every summer and as a member youre allowed to take any of our yacht or vessels out. If youve never been sailing you want to have instructions, it can be a little dangerous if you dont know what youre doing, so then you have to watch the weather, you have to know the safety rules. So you need some instructions. If youre on a small boat you could probably work it out without too many instructions, but most people will take a sailing class.

    For adults its a one week session and we take out our two yacht club boats and we also have smaller boats for instructions. For the youth we also have a similar one week program thats for older youth and younger youth and we take out our small Holder Hobbies, which are really nice boats to run on and the children love that.

    Samantha: Its getting no way from city life, its just going out on the water and having fun.

    Melanie Simmons: Avalanche Bay Yacht Club has just been very welcoming to me and my family and they have gotten me and my girls out on the water and its really a great place to be and we can come down here all year along. Steve LaRosa: Sailing is a wonderful way for family to bond and have an enjoyable afternoon. It does allow children a good opportunity to learn responsibility, learn about nature, we usually see a lot of sea creatures out on the water; its just a fun afternoon.

    Shell Point is just a beautiful place to come sail, come down and try it, youd like it. Its easy, its fun and beautiful water. Nothing says Florida more than getting out on the water at Shell Point Beach.