Sailing Tips – Available Sailing Comforts

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Kevin Wensley, Director of Operations with Offshore Sailing, discusses what amenities are available on today’s sail boats.

    Kevin Wensley: Hello! My name is Kevin Wensley, I am the Director of Operations at Offshore Sailing School. And I am here today at one of our beautiful Southwest Florida locations of South Seas Island Resort. And today we are going to be looking at some of the creature comforts you might expect to find in one of our sailboats. One of the things I am often asked is when you are living a board of sailboat is it like camping. Well, it all depends on what your definition of camping is. This is what we call the galley area, so here is our kitchen, as you can see there is plenty of cooking facilities here, we have got a stove that actually swings, it gimbals. So as the boat heels so the stove can swing as well, want to keep the refreshments nice and cold, so we have a nice chest fridge freezer here, all the mod cons as you would expect in any kitchen, hot and cold running water. So this is the galley area. And I am just going to move across into the main salon area which is the main living space for the boat. Okay, so moving in to the main salon, so this is the main living space for the boat. Obviously, it is just two or three of us having breakfast or something we get a little rack up along necessity here. However, if you want to lay out the full service and have a full dinner, invite some friends then of course the table opens up as well. Lots of space to be around, this section over here is actually dedicated to navigation, it is what we would call a NavStation. It doesn't focus so much on the creature comforts, but definitely it's an important part being aboard on boat. In terms of storage area, all around the sides of the boat you can see there is cabinet and they just open plenty of storage. You have got actually plenty of storage in the cabins as well. So feel close and personal belongings, there is lots of room in the cabins. This boat has actually got four cabins it's got two double bunks at the rear of the boat and out front we have got the v-birth birth and then just here there is another cabin with single bunk and so then we have -- even have air-conditioning on board. Up here the bow this is the v-birth this is one of the double bunks that we use for some of our teaching, as you can see its pretty spacious, we have got nice skylights, we have got good view of the stars at night, we have a fan here to keep things cool, but also be aware that air conditioning does work in the cabins as well as in the main salon when we are along side. And with any sleeping arrangement you would be interested to know where the bathrooms were? And in this instance the bathroom for this cabin is just along side here and here you find you have a shower, a fully functional heads and a vanity sink and dressing area. So there is a quick look at some of the creature comforts you will expect to find on board on well put together sailboat. 1