Sailing Tips – Clearing Away Lazy Jacks

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Kevin Wensley, Director of Operations with Offshore Sailing, provides tips and techniques for clearing away lazy jacks.

    Kevin Wensley: Hello! My name is Kevin Wensley, I'm the Director of Operation at Offshore Sailing School. And I'm here today at one of our beautiful Southwest Florida location of South Seas Island Resort. Today we're going to be looking at clearing away the lazy jacks when you want hoist your mainsail. For a number of years I have watched sailors struggle with hoisting the mainsail, trying to avoid getting the sail patterns caught up in lazy jacks. This has been achieved with wearing degrees of it's access depending on the chorography between the halyard jumper, the trailer and the helm and the mainsheet trimmer and of course the delegate lazy jack spotter. I'm not suggesting that hoist can't be done smoothly and efficient with time and practice. But I think the fact the lazy jacks are often design so they could be load as required goes on notice. Here is my top tip for hoisting the main; first remove one side of jack and steer the boat so the wind blows the sail out a little on side where the jacks have been clear. If you clear away the jacks in port side instead the boat with the wind on the stop about. On some larger boats particularly Catamarans releasing the lazy jacks may seem pretty daunting as they can often carry a heavy load particularly if in combination with the stack pack system. Have no fear; once the sail is hoisted it will be very easy to reset the jacks and preparation for the next douse. So there you have a great technique for making sure you get a nice clean hoist every time. 1