Sailing Tips – Leeward Douse

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Kevin Wensley, Director of Operations with Offshore Sailing, demonstrates how to properly perform a leeward douse.

    Kevin Wensley: Hello! My name is Kevin Wensley. I am the Director of Operations at Offshore Sailing School and I am here today at one of our beautiful Southwest Florida locations. What we're going to be talking about today is a leeward douse with the symmetric spinnaker which means we are going to bring the sails down on the leeward side of the boat.

    So the poles out from the windward side, the sheet is working on the leeward side and what we need to do is have somebody and it looks like Brain in this instance is going to reach up and this would be underneath the boom you're going to reach up grab the sheets and start to pull the clew of the sail around the boat, so we'll have to release the off the guy and as the clew comes around the bow of the boat we're going to release the halyard and then Brain is going to pretty much manually just pull that sail down and stuff it down below into the companion way.

    So, we start the easy off the guy sail comes around, ready for the head and as quick as we can, bring the sail all the way into the boat, stuff it down below and in the racing environment what Brain did he took special care to make sure that he didn't put any twist into that sail as it went down to the companion way.

    That way when it comes down to rehoist everything is all set and ready to go. The last thing we need to do is clear away the pole, so I'll go forward, Brain if you want to look at topping luff for us, you can just bring the pole across, attach it to the lowest shroud, drop it on deck and there we go, that's how to do a leeward douse.