Sailing Tips – Windward Douse

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Kevin Wensley, Director of Operations with Offshore Sailing, demonstrates how to properly perform a windward douse.

    Kevin Wensley: Hello! My name is Kevin Wensley. I am the Director of Operations at Offshore Sailing School and I am here today at one of our beautiful Southwest Florida locations. What we're going to be looking at today is brining a symmetric spinnaker down on the windward side of the boat, that's going to be the windward douse.

    So here we go with the sail flying nicely now. Brain is working the sheet to keep the sail -- this is trimmed as it should be. We can see we got the pole out on the port side which mean we're on a port tack. Now what's going to happen as if this was a racing situation, it might be that we actually want to end up the spinnaker ready to hoist on a starboard tack, so in order to pull the sail down and have all the gear ready for starboard hoist, what we're going to have to do is actually pull the sail down on the windward side. First step is to have someone go forwards disconnect the pole and stow it on the starboard side of the boat. So there goes Brain, he goes out forwards to stow the pole and once the pole is off if you can try and keep the off the guy outboard that will help the sail fly through the whole process.

    Right, Brain's got the pole nicely stowed, he is going to get the sheet, so it's now a case of pulling the sail around on to the port side or the windward side of the boat, so you're ready for me to ease on the off the guy right.

    Okay. So they goes the off the guy and then. Okay, so thank you Brain, nicely done. So what we can see now is of course the pole is on the starboard side and the lines that are working spinnaker have all come in on the port side, that means we are already for starboard tack the next time we go around the windward mark.

    And now we the sail back down into the boat. The last thing we're going to need to do is just to make sure that the off the guy is rerun through the end of the pole.