Salad Dressing – Balsamic Vinaigrette

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Robert Nassar from Dinner Done demonstrates how to make a basic balsamic vinaigrette.

    Robert Nasser

    Robert Nasser is the owner of Dinner Done's Centreville, VA store. Robert has been involved in the kitchen in one form or another from age 6. A past owner of 2 restaurants in Venezuela, he knows what good food is made of: great ingredients and great recipes. Concern for the way our eating habits are changing, especially since more and more households are extremely busy places, played a big part in his decision to license a Dinner Done store in Virginia from his brother and sister in law in Florida. Filling the need for healthy meals, while getting families back around the dinner table is a major reason for Dinner Done's success. His international background and love of travel have given Robert a unique perspective on foods and ingredients, and how best to marry them to obtain new tastes and flavors. When coming up with new recipes for his customers, Robert can draw upon this experience to enable them to try new ideas without sacrificing taste or nutrition. A self confessed recipe book addict, he has accumulated over 50 cookbooks in 3 languages. These rarely stay on a shelf, as he uses them almost daily!

    Hi! Im Robert Nassar from Dinner Done in Centerville, Virginia. What were talking about today is how to make a basic vinaigrette. When youre making a vinaigrette your basic ingredients start out with some form of acid, whether it be a red wine vinegar, straight vinegar, apple cider vinegar, lime or lemon, oil, garlic, salt and pepper and Dijon mustard. Now, you may have seen in the supermarket aisles that youve got a grained Dijon mustard or a smooth Dijon mustard, you can use any which one you want. Today, were going to go ahead and use the smooth variety to begin with. Our first step is to go ahead and make an emulsion with the acids and the oils. So, were going to take about quarter cup of oil, olive oil, use a good olive oil for this. You dont want to use anything but say an extra virgin olive oil and once weve got that in our mixing bowl, youre going to take half the amount of the acid whether its vinegar, or lime, or lemon. Half of a quarter cup is 2 tablespoons and thats about which you get from a half of a lemon this size. So, Im going to go ahead and use my lemon press, put the lemon juice right in there with the oil. Once Ive got that Im going to add little bit of pepper, pinch of salt, you can correct the salt later once youre done and now Im going to make the emulsion. Using a whisk in a bowl, whisk your vinaigrette until the oil and the vinegar or lemon or the acid part join up together and make one smooth liquid, thats called an emulsion. Next, were going to add for this amount a teaspoon good Dijon mustard and 2 cloves of garlic. I like to use this garlic press. Its a lot easier than using a cutting board, trust me. Once weve got all the garlic in there, combine all the ingredients well and youve got a basic vinaigrette. From this point forward like I said at the beginning you could get fancy and add champagne to make a champagne vinaigrette, you could add raspberry in puree form, blueberries, anything under the sun that you will like to use as part of your vinaigrette for your salad dressing. Thats how you make a basic vinaigrette.