Salad Recipes – Mango Spinach Salad

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dietitian Sarah Wally demonstrates how to make a Mango Tango Spinach Salad. Topping your salad with your favorite dressing can actually boost the nutritional value of your meal. The healthy oils found in salad dressings help your body to better absorb key nutrients, including many important antioxidants that are found in vegetables and fruits.

    Sarah Wally: Hi! I am Sarah Wally, a registered dietitian with the Association for Dressings & Sauces. And today I'm going to teach how to make a delicious Mango Tango Spinach Salad. Now the nutritional profile of your salad is going to depend on what ingredients you choose, so the specific vitamins and minerals, the phytonutrients and the amount of fiber your salad provides is really going to vary from recipe-to-recipe.

    So to get started today we're going to take two mangos that have been cut into one-inch cubes, two avocados, also cut into one-inch cubes, four tomatoes that have been diced, a quarter of a cup of finely chopped green onions, four cups of fresh baby spinach, a quarter of a cup of finely chopped cucumbers, one cup of raspberry vinaigrette dressing, a half of a cup of shredded mozzarella cheese, a quarter of a cup of sliced almonds, and a quarter of a cup of chopped fresh cilantro.

    So in a large bowl we're going to start by combining our diced mango, our diced avocado, our tomatoes, and our green onions, because we have four cups of baby spinach leaves, and then a quarter of a cup of finely diced cucumbers. We're just going to want to mix this altogether. Make sure it's well combined. Now when choosing salad ingredients select fruits and vegetables that represent a broad range of colors.

    Eating from a vibrant colorful plate ensures that you're getting a nice mix of vitamins and minerals. Once we have this all mixed together we're going to add a one cup of raspberry vinaigrette dressing, and again we're going to toss this lightly to make sure everything is well combined.

    There is really an endless choice of salad dressings to pair with your favorite salads and with so much variety there really is a salad dressing for everyone. And when you're shopping for dressings in the supermarket be sure to look at the Nutrients Facts Panel on the back of the bottle and you'll notice that most dressings have zero grams of trans fat. So once we have our salad nicely combined and dressed we're going to add our remaining ingredients. So we have our mozzarella cheese, we have our chopped fresh cilantro, and our sliced almonds.

    I am going to just give this a quick toss to make sure that everything is mixed well together. Now this salad takes about 20 minutes to prepare and it serves eight. So now that we have combined everything and plated it up, our salad is ready to be served and enjoyed. Eating a salad a day topped with your favorite salad dressing is really an easy way to get valuable nutrients into your diet. Nutrients that promote good health, it may help ward off disease. So for more creative salad ideas please visit us at saladaday.