Salmon En Croute with Goat Cheese and Spinach

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    In this video, Chef Phil Harrington of Harris Teeter will demonstrate how to make Salmon stuffed with Goat cheese and spinach, wrapped in phyllo dough. Delicious!

    Phillip Harrington: Hi! This is Chef Phillip Harrington with Harris Teeter. Today, we've got a great dish, Salmon En Croute with Goat Cheese and sauteed Spinach. En Croute, basically, means wrapped in puff pastry, so it's a great, crunchy, flaky, buttery wrapper and a great fish. To make this recipe, first you're going to need a fresh salmon and entire side skin removed. You're also going to need the following. One-and-a-half pounds fresh spinach, half stick butter, salt and pepper, two tablespoons garlic, chopped, a pound of goat cheese, three sheets of thawed puff pastry dough, juice of one lemon, one egg, half cup water. Alright, let's saute this spinach. Now we've got a medium high flame, in my saute pan, we are going to add a little butter and we let that melt. Now in the recipe, I said three tablespoons of garlic but I am going to make it six because I love garlic. That's going to be your choice. Okay, let the butter melt, the garlic soften a little bit, and let's add some spinach. This will wither, so we'll add it in small portions. Now that smells great. Add a little more. Okay, our spinach is starting to shrink, it's starting to wither. It's just what we want right here. This is still going to cook inside the salmon so you don't get to worry about getting it down too far. I am going to shut off my heat and let's go and kind of let this hang out for a few minutes, while we get the rest of our salmon together. Alright and now let's assemble. You'll notice I've got a floured surface, and I've got my three sheets of puff pastry laid out. You got to bring two of these sheets together. You are going to seal them together, little more flour and a quick roll with the rolling pan. And now the spinach we just get down doing. Alright, we got our spinach down and now the goat cheese. I'll layer goat cheese on the top of the spinach, now you don't want to go all the way across because this side is going to come over. Okay, these are goat cheese and then our salmon. Put that and we're going to form it over the goat cheese, squeeze your lemon, and of course, salt and pepper. You're going to take your water and your egg, mix it together. We are going to make an egg wash, we are going to brush this egg wash all around the spinach on the puff pastry layer. Make sure you get this sound, they are really good because this is what it has to seal with. You are going to take you third sheet, make sit over this end and then you are going to fold this sheet back over, then you used the other side of your hands to seal it together. With the paring knife, we're going to trim the excess, don't worry we are going to use all this, this is going to be our decoration. Now on a cookie tray lined with parchment paper, we're going to put salmon en croute, lift it from the bottom, place back on the tray and make sure you press the sides back down. And those scraps, like I said we would use, do a little flour on them and we are going to re-grow them. We want it nice and thin, okay, once you have a good thin piece, you are going to want to cut your pattern. Now you just do some leaves, you could do any shape though. I'll just stick that on there and I am going to repeat this process until I got some right amount of decoration I like on there, the right amount of garnish and any ugly areas you have like the seam here, you can hide that with leaves. Brush with a little egg wash on there to help it seal.

    Now remember you'll want to preheat your oven to 375 degrees, we got our leaves on, I am going to give it one more coat of egg wash. This is going to help it get a nice beautiful golden brown color, and a little bit of a shine too. So put that on there. I am going to put it in the oven, it's going to take about 45 minutes, you are going to get a nice beautiful brown crust and that's what we are going to look for. Alright folks, look at this, this is beautiful. This has been in the oven about 45 minutes and a nice golden brown color and it looks delicious. And I cut it here for you just so you could see the insides, look at this. There is spinach layer, goat cheese, and our salmon, does that look good or what. And there you have it folks, Salmon En Croute with Goat Cheese and Spinach. Enjoy!