Salmon Patties

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Phil Anderson demonstrates how to make Salmon Patties.

    Phil Anderson: Hi! I am Chef Phil Anderson, Harris Teeter's Executive Chef. We're going make some awesome salmon patties. To make these salmon patties, we're going to take 16 ounces of salmon, a tablespoon of this Italian parsley, we're going to chop it up really nice and half a cup of panko Japanese breadcrumbs. We're going to take a tablespoon of lemon juice, one egg, and we're going to take a really nice minced onion. We're going to mix this up really nice. Pretty simple. Couple of ingredients, all real healthy for you. Little noisy there. Cram it and we're just mixing it up.

    Now you can put other ingredients in here like cayenne pepper or you could put salt and pepper, but this is a really a nice healthy patty. I am going to take handful, roll into a ball, I am going to put some more panko down. You can have different sizes. This makes about enough for five portions. Now we're going to use a little bit of panko again. Top them. This gets some nice and firm. You don't want it break apart. When that egg gets in a there and cooks, then that will help bind it really nicely. Now we are almost ready to take these over to a saut pan which I will take some spray and spray it in the pan, and will saut these off to a golden brown.

    Now I'm only going to cook two of this up, because I can't eat all of these. So I take a little bit of the spray. These will freeze really well or you can store in your refrigerator for up to three days. So what we were just doing as we're going to lightly brown them, and it will take about two or three minutes on each side. We want to heat it all the way through. The egg is going to cook and it's going to bind all the ingredients together so that they won't fall apart.

    You see that's over pretty medium flame. It's not roaring and it's not timid. It's about medium. If you know that this isn't as brown, I am going to move them around the pan a little bit to to get that extra spray. Let's flip this again. Nice and brown on that side. I am pretty sure that egg is cooked. So I think we can wait another 30 seconds or so and then we transfer it to the plate and it's ready to eat.

    Well, you can dress this up by adding some tartar sauce. You can put them on a sandwich, you can make them smaller into appetizer bite-size pieces. So it's a great healthy recipe that you can really make different courses with and there you have it. The awesome salmon patties. Enjoy.