Saltwater Tackle Box Basics

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Debbie Hanson of B’ASS Fisher Women discusses the basics of a saltwater tackle box.

    Debbie Hanson: Hi, I am Debbie Hanson, professional angler and outdoor blogger. Whether you are a fishing veteran or a newbie out there on the water, I am going to run through a list of tackle box basics that you should never leave home without.

    First of all you want to make sure you have extra line. Always keep extra line in your tackle box because often your line can get hung up on structure or rubs against the rough edges of a fish's mouth and that can cause it to get weak. So always make sure that you've got extra fishing line handy.

    Here when we are fishing inshore for salt water Snook or other species, we use 10 pound braid and 30 pound fluorocarbon leader. You also want to have extra hooks available. Hooks bend, the get caught in trees and they got broken off on docks.

    And then we have weights. You always want to make sure to keep a spare container of weights in your tackle box. Split shots are the most commonly used type of weights.

    Lures are also equally as important. You never know what the fish may be biting on at a particular given moment in time depending on the conditions of the currents and the tides.

    Pliers are important and you should always have a pair of pliers in your tackle box. Needle-nose pliers are best and those are needed to take the hooks out of the fish after you catch them.

    Aside from pliers you want to make sure that you've got clippers. Clippers are going to allow you to cut the line if you are re-rigging your leaders or retying your lines.

    Sunscreen to protect you from the strong rays of the sun when you are out on the water. Find some that contains Zinc Oxide or Titanium Dioxide and that's going to shield you and provide you with UVA and UVB protection.

    Also a first aid kit, unfortunately accidents do happen when you are out there on the boat and you want to make sure that you are prepared.

    Bobbers, you always want to make sure that you have extra bobbers in your tackle box. Bobbers give you an indication of when you are getting a bite from a fish. The bobber goes down; you are getting a bite, pretty simple.

    And finally, your fishing license. Always remember to bring your fishing license with you when you go out on a boat or if you are fishing from a pier. First of all it's the law and secondly fishing licenses are very easily attainable by going to your local tackle shop or by searching online.

    And that's the list of tackle box basics that you need, before you go out and hit the water. Tight lines and happy fishing!