Sampling Through Beer Flights

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Rob Hill, Certified Cicerone with Total Wine & More, discusses sampling different styles of beer through pub flights.

    Rob Hill: Hi! I am Rob Hill; Certified Cicerone with Total Wine & More. Being in the beer industry, people often ask me Rob, what's your favorite beer style? They're usually surprised when I say I don't have a single favorite style, my answer is that I've come to enjoy tasting through sample flights of different styles. When I got started in Craft Beer my favorite style was brown ale with its malt balanced character, the bitter beers werent for me.

    But my taste for beer began evolving and expanding and my new favorite style became amber and red ales which deliver more hop character on a firm malt backbone. And one day I tried an IPA and thus began a journey into IPAs with all of their happy glory. With well over 100 different classified beer styles available to us and new ones being created by Craft Breweries, there is a very flavorful supply when it comes to beer discovery.

    Many brewpubs and taverns today offer flights of beer which are generally selections of draft beer from their taps. A pub flight is simply a lineup of 4-6 beers often ranging from light to dark served in small 5 ounce glasses. Here flights can be designed to sample any range of beers or to fit a specific season or occasion. You can taste through a full flight of beers while consuming less in total volume than two regular pints.

    Variety without the volume can be a good thing and if there is a beer you don't like or it just doesn't suit your palate in the moment, youll still have the other beers to try. Beer flights are a great way to decide which beer to order a full glass of, if its the beer that resonates most for the occasion or the perfect accompaniment to the food youre ordering. Flights are great for beer discovery at home too and it's an ideal way to share beers with friends. Special flight glasses arent required although they are available at beer glass for retailers. Glasses from your cupboard and a mix pack of different beers are all you need to explore a range of beers in one session. So go ahead, catch a flight soon and enjoy the journey. Cheers!