San Francisco’s Best Dog Parks

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    From special pooch amenities and large open spaces, from artificial turf to water bowls, San Francisco knows how to treat its four-legged residents.

    Cliff Ingham: Need to take Fido for a walk? We have got the perfect place. San Francisco is home to some of the most scenic dog parks in the country where both men and men's best friend can enjoy their time.

    We asked San Franciscans and their K9 companions to tell us their favorite dog parks and we came with the top favorites.

    With lots of dogs, Bernal Heights is the San Francisco favorite. This park is great for dogs to run and play and meet other dogs in a wide open space.

    Steve Bialek: San Francisco is a pretty dog-friendly city. The better etiquette is to kind of watch your dog and watch their behavior with other dogs.

    Cliff Ingham: Next on our list, Crissy Field. Crissy Field located in the Marina District offers beautiful views and plenty of scenic bay-front beach for strolling. The large grassy areas were once landing fields for the United States Air Force, but now make the perfect place for dogs and their owners to stretch their legs.

    So what's San Francisco number one dog park?

    Anna Thiel: There is Fort Funston, Ocean Beach, Bernal Hill is great. So those are some of my favorites. Fort Funston is definitely my dog's favorite.

    Christina Tan: My favorite dog park is Fort Funston, it's big, it's off leash so dogs get to run around and there is so much space for our dogs to run around. So definitely being able to come out here in the fresh air, in the sunshine and the beach, it's pretty cool.

    Cliff Ingham: That's right; Fort Funston is considered the number one dog park in San Francisco. This park features sprawling sand dunes, costal headlands, ocean front beaches and over 12 acres for dogs to explore.

    Reporting from San Francisco, Cliff Ingham.