San Francisco’s Most Luxurious Suite

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Opulence is at its finest in the Fairmont Hotel’s luxurious penthouse suite. It’s also well known for hosting celebrities and presidents.

    David Purzycki: Most San Franciscans know about the Fairmont Hotel's luxurious accommodations, but it also houses the most expensive suite in town, the 6000 foot penthouse.

    Female Speaker: I've heard that the penthouse is breathtaking.

    Female Speaker: It's pretty amazing that there is more square footage than in my entire apartment.

    David Purzycki: The penthouse provides a one of a kind experience for today's most discerning traveling. Created in the roaring 20s this three-bedroom four-bath suite continues to be at the peak of luxury.

    Tom Wolfe: Penthouse has its own butler, its own maid, its chauffeur, its own cook, all the staff that you need to run a household properly are available on call.

    David Purzycki: Inside you'll find rooms with impressive features.

    Tom Wolfe: Here we have the penthouse dining room, one of the most magnificent rooms in the entire structure. The penthouse dining room is small enough that you could have a cozy breakfast for two or an intimate dinner for 24. The library ceiling has an incredible mural that was painted there by Robert Boardman Howard.

    David Purzycki: There is even rooms in the penthouse that transport you to another time and place.

    Tom Wolfe: The pool room is actually a replica of the Persian bath. The tile or what appears to be the tile is actually intricately hand-carved wood.

    David Purzycki: So just how much does a night in the penthouse cost?

    Female Speaker: 400? Probably 400.

    Male Speaker: 6000 square feet be probably I'd say like 6000 a night.

    David Purzycki: The suite actually runs closer to $15000 a night. With that price tag san Franciscans are split.

    Female Speaker: Who would spend the night in penthouse? Who it be?

    Male Speaker: That's about all of my savings in the past like two years then probably not.

    David Purzycki: If you do make it to the penthouse suite you'll be in fantastic company.

    Tom Wolfe: The master bedroom has seen heads of state, movie stars, celebrities and many, many presidents.

    David Purzycki: This is when David Purzycki reporting from San Francisco.