San Francisco’s Nude Park Divides Locals

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Nude enthusiasts in San Francisco meet at the end of the line, but some residents aren’t as pleased with their public ‘bare it all’ philosophy.

    Cory Weiss: With just a few tables and chairs set up at the end of the F line one of the San Francisco's newest parks is an urban rest stop where a clothing is optional.

    George Davis: I'm here at the bus stop, the corner of a Castro & Market in San Francisco. This is the first non-beach urban clothing optional park in America.

    Cory Weiss: George Davis has run for political office including mayor and city supervisor of San Francisco, but he is best-known for his campaign for public nudity.

    George Davis: This is for anybody, respectable citizens of the neighborhood. People who are homeowners, own businesses, you have jobs, like we're regular people.

    Cory Weiss: Well the tourist may enjoy the view, long-term residents and area workers are divided on the matter.

    Rickey Taylor: I think this is disgrace. That's what they have nude beaches for them, you want to be in the nude, go to the nude beach. You've got school kids and elderly individuals walking the streets they don't want to see that cover.

    Martha Asten: Yeah, I find it offensive. That's not praised. That was for home, not out.

    Justin Jackson: It doesn't really matter if you don't like it, don't look at it. It's just that simple and if you have to explain to your children what they're seeing then clearly, you know, you should be doing a little bit better job kind of teaching them about anatomy and the human body.

    George Davis: You know it's totally legal, reasonable and the actual role is to be nude. There is no public nudity allowed in the State of California. It just really makes a place lacking much social.

    Cory Weiss: In San Francisco I am Cory Weiss.