San Francisco’s Underground Food Market

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Whether you’re looking for groceries or lunch, this membership-only market hosts the Bay Area’s hottest entrepreneurs. Unique food products from local restaurateurs and artisan vendors include a wide variety of homemade and organic fare.

    Cliff Ingham: If you're in San Francisco and you're ready for a weekend culinary adventure head over to the Forage SF Underground Market. One of the underground market features local bay area food vendors selling tasty homemade food products.

    Iso Rabins: The underground market is something I started about a year-and-a-half ago and what it is, is a space for people who are just starting out, for people who are interested like producers, lots of producers are interested in selling to the public about whatever reason haven't been able to, like they don't have health department certification or don't have the permits or don't have insurance. So this is kind of a space for them to be able to get that kind of first leg off.

    Cliff Ingham: Restaurant entrepreneurs have jumped at the opportunity to showcase their priced products.

    Female Speaker: Actually the underground market has been great as far as helping me get my product out there.

    Male Speaker: And it's bringing people out to appreciate food, but the beauty of what's going on is that the community aspect is that people are able to be in an environment where they can talk to each other, connect with each other, and the food as the art creates a conversation that anybody can tap into.

    Cliff Ingham: Even the most adventurous eaters are able to find something interesting to try, and the variety changes months to months.

    Male Speaker: I've just got a breakfast for me. Really interesting, got a bit of a egg in the sandwich.

    Male Speaker: Kind of ice-cream place. There is this canny violet, it's really good. I do want to go to the night event eventually.

    Male Speaker: The night market is much more of a party. There is music pumping and it's all food they eat right then and this is a lot more like jams and desserts and pasta to take home and cook.

    Iso Rabins: If you want to come to the market as a customer all you need to do is sign-up online to be a member of the underground market. You just go to foragesf.

    com to sign-up there and then you'll get emails about all the markets coming up and all other different kinds of events we do.

    Cliff Ingham: Reporting from San Francisco, Cliff Ingham.