San Francisco’s Wave Organ Is In The Bay

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Hidden in the rocks of San Francisco’s Bay lies an unusual art instillation that harnesses the power of the waves to create a haunting melody. Local San Franciscans and visitors alike enjoy tones that change with the tide.

    Sarah Fisher: One of San Francisco's hidden gems is a wave-activated sound sculpture located just across the bay from Alcatraz and the Marina District.

    The Wave Organ art installation was created by Peter Richards and George Gonzalez in collaboration with the Exploratorium Museum.

    Linda Dackman: The in crowd knows about it and knows where it is and so what's really the best is people we were just discover it. I think it's a place to be reflective and to listen to at high tide like we're at right now. You can listen to the tides moving in and out of the columns that are going down into the bay, turns into different volumes and pitches of sound which is the organ playing the bay.

    Craig Smith: It's almost like a mix of living underwater next to again a submarine and hearing the waves splash your house, it's really strange.

    Graham Davis: It almost sounds like a didgeridoo from Australia vibrating in river marine.

    Gabriel Tannwin: Well I listen into the pipes and then I started hearing these big loud ocean waves.

    Richard Reynolds: It definitely is one of those San Francisco things you know, unique, different, and surprising.

    Sarah Fisher: Recording from San Francisco I am Sarah Fisher.