Save Energy With High-Performance Tank Water Heaters

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Jim Connors from Rheem discusses how to save energy with high-performance tank water heaters.

    Jim Connors: Hi! I'm Jim Connors from Rheem Water Heating. Water heaters last longer than many other household appliances. Choosing an energy-efficient model now will help reduce fuel bills far into the future.

    The design in the tank type water has changed a lot in the past 5-10 years. If you're replacing an electric water heater, consider a new hybrid heat pump model, they are more then twice as efficient as standard electric water heaters.

    While hybrid heat pump water heaters cost more upfront, keep in mind you'll own a water heater long time and the fuel savings will pay for the water heater in just a few years.

    If you're replacing a standard gas water heater, consider one of the new high performance models like the Rheem XR90. The XR90 is compact; it provides more hot water than a standard 50 gallon capacity water heater. It will also save you up to 17% on your water heating bill.

    The Energy Factor or E.

    F. is printed on the carton label. The E.

    F. is a calculation of the water heater's overall efficiency. It takes into consideration the gallon capacity and fuel type among other factors. The higher the E.

    F. number, the better.

    If you have a gas water heater, look for an E.

    F. of at least .

    62. If you use an electric water heater, look for an E.

    F. of .

    94 or higher. You can also compare the water heater operating cost by looking at the Yellow Energy Guide label including with every water heater. The Energy Guide Label provides an estimated annual operating cost for each model. It is based on the national average fuel cost, so your actual cost may vary.

    The easiest way to select the more energy efficient water heater is to look for the blue Energy Star label on the product. In January 2009, the U.

    S. Department of Energy launched an Energy Star Program for water heaters.

    The Energy Star Program is designed to promote more energy efficient water heaters. Energy Star water heaters are easily identified by the Energy Star logo on both the carton and the water heater. Look for this label when you are selecting a new model.

    I hope this water heater tips will help you lower your energy bills.