Say “Lice!”

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    A lice-treatment expert says that the increasing popularity of the “selfie” is causing the spread of lice among young people.

    When you’re capturing a selfie, you might be capturing a little something extra.  That’s according to one expert at a lice-treatment center in California who says that there has been a big increase in lice incidents in young people due in part to the rising popularity of the selfie.  Lice is spread from head-to-head contact, they don’t just jump from one head to another.  But put your heads together, and you’re bridging the divide for the little critters.  Of the teens treated for lice, all admitted they were taking selfies everyday.  So when there’s more than one person in selfie, is it still technically considered a selfie? (while scratching head and then scratching gets more rigorous).  Ok, I think I’m imagining things now.