Say Yes To Kids Instead of No

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Valorie Burton for Focus on the Family explains how to break the habit of “no” and have a “yes day.”

    Valorie Burton: No, no, no. Do you find yourself saying no all day long to your kids? Maybe it's time to consider the power of yes. When children keep asking for things, parents have a tendency to saying no much of the time. And those requests can come at the busiest time of the day, making it even easier.

    Female Speaker: No, I think you should wear this.

    Valorie Burton: If children perceive that mom and dad are constantly saying no, they may end up feeling like they are nothing more than a hassle. However saying yes, can win your kid's hearts in a way that that negative answers never will. It takes more energy to think about a request and find creative ways to answer yes, but it's worth it.

    For example, a request for a cookie before dinner doesn't have to be no, it can be yes, but when we are done eating. Another way to break the no habit is to have a Yes Day, where within the reason the answer is always yes.

    Let your kids choose an activity that everyone will enjoy and even choose the food that may mean a day outdoors with lots of s'mores and family games. Of course, this doesn't mean that parents say yes to every extravagant request that an occasional day of keeping no under wraps, can create family fun and priceless memories, plus your children will feel valued and loved and that's always worth saying yes too.