Scallop Recipe – Plating the South of the Border Scallop Ceviche

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Bryan Davis demonstrates how to plate south of the border scallop ceviche.

    Bryan Davis: Hi, I am Bryan Davis with Chef Bryan's Kitchen and today we are making Scallop Ceviche. It's a South Western style Scallop Ceviche and we have had l our ingredients all put together marinading and actually cooking Ceviche style in the refrigerator for about four hours now. We want to do a minimum of four hours. You can go up to twelve, but I wouldn't suggest any longer than that. So as you can see here, we have got all of our ingredients, they have been melded together and we have got a nice flavor in there. So basically all we need to do is we need to taste it. Make sure it's cooked enough and if we want to adjust our seasoning. So I am going to take a little bit of salt, just sprinkle it right in there, a little bit of fresh ground pepper and then we are going to just kind of stir it right up.

    Now there are a couple of different ways that you can serve this. I always like to try and come up with at least two different ways, to come up with dishes that I do in terms of whether it is a salad, a first course, entre appetizer. So for this, what I am going to do is kind of a salad style and an appetizer or a first course style. So for the salad style what we are going to do is we basically are going to make a deconstructed guacamole. We are going to take our avocado, we are going to open up our avocado, we are going to peel it out of the shell. Get all the shell off of it and then we are just going to cut it into some fairly thin slices. We don't need a lot, just a little bit, so we are going to take -- let's take four slices here. I am going to take these and I am going to put them on my plate and I am going to take some tomatoes, I like a little bit of tomato in my guacamole. So I have got a half of tomato here that again don't need to do a lot with, just kind of want to get it on the plate. This is an appetizer, so we are just going to take a couple of slices of tomato, one more and just kind of lay these on there as well. Then we are going to take a scallop ceviche and just lean it right up against it. Then we are going to take a little bit of fresh chopped cilantro and just kind of sprinkle it right on top, okay, so that's is the first way. That is more of the first course or a salad and then if you wanted to get a little more creative in it, what we can do, we are going to take a little spoon then take a martini glass and we are just going to start filling our martini glass with the ceviche and this would be nice for a cocktail party or if you are -- if you are doing a cocktail party that's fork friendly, this would be a great little addition to the menu or if you are doing a first course. If you are doing the martini you just want to make sure that you get a lot of the juices rather the liquids in there, like that.

    Now we are going to take rest of our avocado here, we are going to cut it in slices and then the other way and basically we just put a little bit of rough chopped avocado on it and then we are going to finish it, actually I might well just go ahead and put the rest of this avocado on it, here we go and then we are going to finish it with some fresh chopped cilantro. So, there you have it South Western Scallop Ceviche that can be served as a salad or first course or a cocktail appetizer over the first course as well.

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