Scarecrow Arms and Head

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Scarecrow expert Crystal Allison demonstrates how to make the scarecrow’s arms and head.

    Crystal Allison

    Colvin Run Mill, Fairfax County's award-winning operational 19th century water powered gristmill, is owned by the Fairfax County Park Authority and has been open to the public since 1972. Paid and volunteer staff offer recreational and educational activities for all ages through daily tours, school programs and special events.

    Crystal Allison: I am Crystal Allison, from Colvin Run Mill Historic Site and today we are making a scarecrow. The first step in making a scarecrow is to use pantyhose for the arms and the head. The legs of pantyhose will become the arms of your scarecrow. I dont need the whole length of the pantyhose, so about three quarters of the way down I will tie a knot in each leg of the pantyhose.

    Now I am going to stuff the pantyhose with straw. You may want to wad up the straw, because it gets a little tangled in the pantyhose. But, remember this is going to be an arm, so you do want to fill the leg of pantyhose completely up. I will continue doing this, until I have filled both legs of pantyhose and into the body of pantyhose. Now that I have finished stuffing the pantyhose, I am ready to tie off the top of the pantyhose and I am simply going to make a knot in the way spanx of the pantyhose. Now remember you are going to want to leave enough room, when you are stuffing to make this knot. And now I have the arms and the head of my scarecrow and now I am ready to move on step two of making a scarecrow.