Scarecrow Upperbody

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Scarecrow expert Crystal Allison demonstrates how to make the scarecrow’s upper body.

    Crystal Allison

    Colvin Run Mill, Fairfax County's award-winning operational 19th century water powered gristmill, is owned by the Fairfax County Park Authority and has been open to the public since 1972. Paid and volunteer staff offer recreational and educational activities for all ages through daily tours, school programs and special events.

    Crystal Allison: I am Crystal Allison from Colvin Run Mill Historic Site and today we're making a scarecrow and we're on step two of the scarecrow, forming the upper body of the scarecrow. I've already made the arms and the head of the scarecrow out of a pair of pantyhose. Now, its time to take the stuff to pantyhose and put them into a long sleeves button-up shirt. The legs of the pantyhose are what are going to form the arms of the scarecrow. Once I've inserted the legs into the arms of the scarecrow, now I will need to stuff the chest of my scarecrow. I'm going to try and use the hay, the length wise or the straw the length wise of the body so that it will make my scarecrow more rigid and let and give it more form. Ill just place; continue placing the straw like this, until I have stuffed the scarecrow body. I'm filling out the arms where there is not enough muscle in my scarecrow with more straw. When I've determined that my scarecrow has enough straw, at that point I will button the shirt. I think its about time to button the shirt of my scarecrow. By buttoning the top collar of the shirt, your scarecrow now has a neck. Make sure that you have enough straw, right next to the neck so that the head will not get floppy. Then you continue buttoning the shirt and thats how you make the upper portion of the scarecrow. Next, we're going to move on to the legs of the scarecrow.