School Counseling – Life After High School

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    School counselor Randy McPherson talks about life after high school and how counselors help students with career and college planning.

    Dr. Randy McPherson: Hi! I'm Dr. Randy McPherson, the 2011 American School Counselor Association Counselor of the year.

    Today I'm talking about life after high school, how counselor helps students with career and college planning. Essential rule; counselors assume at all grade levels is coordinating a comprehensive career development program. School counselors work with teachers to provide classroom career exploration and with the community at large to expose students to the world of work.

    A significant body of research proves that the better students understand how achievement connects with career preparation; the more successfully they are in school, college and eventually their chosen career. School counselor stay current on workforce trends, helping students understand the opportunities available and what it takes in terms of education and skill development opens the door to exciting career opportunities. Many careers require degrees and postsecondary education is always encouraged, but many fulfilling and rewarding jobs require advanced skills training as opposed to the traditional college experience.

    Various tools and activities help students to refine their interest and choices, from career days in elementary school, to the interest inventories and skill assessments, job shadowing and college information sessions. Students are exposed to a variety of opportunities to develop a plain that leads to a successful career choice.

    School counselors advise students to take challenging courses of study including honors and advanced placement classes and have schedules filled with math, science, foreign language and career and technology classes.

    Another key element for college preparation is getting ready for the ACT or SAT exam, scores on these exams may mean the difference and acceptance to the University of choice or scholarships to help pay for the rising cost of a college education. School counselors provide access to a variety of tools and workshops to help students understand how the exams work and how to prepare to make the best score possible.

    A comprehensive school counseling program helps to identify struggling students and provides assistance to overcome the obstacles that may exist.