School Organization in 3 Simple Steps

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Ann Dolin discusses simplifying your student’s school work with these easy to follow organization tips.

    Ann Dolin: When it comes to school, some kids are naturally organized while others tend to struggle. However, there are certain things parents can do to help develop this important element of school success.

    This school year consider creating a launching pad. A launching pad is actually a contained space to hold everything related to school that needs to go out the door with your child each morning. It can be a box, a large basket or really any container big enough to hold your child's school items.

    With everything he needs in one spot, your child will launch into a new day, feeling prepared and organized.

    Some students may also struggle to keep their binder organized. These kids often don't do well with the traditional three-ring binder. So instead, consider an accordion folder. Have your child label these tabs with each of his subjects. This way all of his papers are in one place. When he receives a paper at school, he simply files it to the back of each subject section and in doing so, each subject is chronologically organized.

    Finally, schedule a weekly 20 to 30-minute clean sweep session. During this maintenance session, your children will be responsible for organizing anything related to school such as bag packs, binders, and even the homework area.

    When supported with the right strategies, children can learn to change their disorganized habits and when they're better organized, the after-school hours can be filled with success and harmony.