Science Project Holiday Gifts – Bubble Art

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Mary Porter Green from Curiosity Zone demonstrates how to create bubble art.

    Mary Porter: Hi I'm Mary Porter Green from the Curiosity Zone. Today we're doing Science Experiments that you can do with your kids at home that actually make great Holiday gifts. I'm joined for this experiment by my young scientist friends Carsen and Tylor and for this experiment we're going to actually explore bubbles and all the cool science stuff about Bubbles and then we're going to make Bubble Arts. So, to get started you're going to need to gather up materials. For this project we need a Washable Tempera paint and make sure you get the washable kind because you don't want to have it stain your kids clothes as they're blowing bubbles in it. You're going to need some Water, you're going need some Dish Soap and if you're using uncolored Tempera paint as we're today, we're using White, you need few coloring to change it to different colors. You can go ahead and just buy pre-color tempera paint as well, that work just as well. Then you're going need a bowl to blow your bubbles in, you'll need a spoon to stir that all up and you're going to need a straw and finally you're going to need a piece of paper or piece of white wrapping paper or Card Stock anything that you would like to decorate. So, to get started, we're basically going to make a solution and a solution is basically when mix stuff all up and its another chance for you to talk to your kids about how things get mixed up and we're actually not dissolving in this experiment, its just a bunch of liquids that we're going to put together. So, the first thing want to do is add our paint and we're going do about a quarter of the cup of paint and the proportions on this experiment are pretty flexible you can kind of eyeball it, if you want but you basically want to fill to the bottom of bowl with paints and then we're going to add some fluid coloring, to make it, the different that you want. We're going to do Red and Green for holidays. So, we're going add, about 6 little drops of food coloring to each one and then we're going add, a couple of tablespoons of water. 1, 2 and the water will actually -- this is an interesting thing to point out it to your child that the water will actually sit on top of the paint until you start to stir it together. The last thing we're going add is about a spoonful of dish soap and we have put them in these cool little lab test tubes that, look fun in science but that's just for dress up and make believe. So, we're going to add a spoonful of soap and the soap will help us make the Bubbles and this is kind of an interesting thing to show your kids, before you start playing with your solution, have your child just take a cup of water and Straw and blow Bubbles in the water and what's happening is the air coming out of mouth, obviously its going into water and it's pushing upon the water and making Bubbles. Bubbles are filled with gas and when you blow in, you're actually blowing out Carbon-Dioxide and that Carbon Dioxide gas is going into the water coming up as a Bubble and then the Bubble pops and the air goes away. Now, when you just have water, Bubbles don't stay, you just you blow and they disappear. Now, in our solution because we've added some thickening stuff with the paint and with the Dish Soap, the Bubbles are actually going to build in a giant mount and then the paint is going to come up with the mount, you're going to able to stick your piece of paper flat down on it and make Bubble Art.

    So, we're basically going to stir up our solution until we have a really awesome, dark paint solution and now we're going stir up our green paint solution, so we can blow lots of bubbles in our green paint as well. So, what we're going to do now is take our straws and now my helpers are going to get in action here, get your straws ready guys and what I want you to do is stick your straw all the way in, to the very bottom and start blowing until you get big mount of Bubbles. Alright. Now see how the bubbles are mounting up blow, blow, blow. You've got get to the point where sticking up on top of the bowl, there you go alright. Now we've got Carsen ready to go. Now Carsen what you're going to do is take your piece of paper, put it straight, you're going take your piece of paper and you're going to smush it down until you pop the bubbles ready, look, Bubble art. And you keep doing that until you get the desired effects, So let's switch or let's first do yours. We will do Tylers next, okay you're ready blow little bit, Okay let's see if we get, awesome Bubble Art. Okay, Now we're going to switch. We're going to put Green on the Red and Red on the Green, alright. So you guys blow another mount of Bubbles blow, blow, blow. Oh yeah that's a great mount. You get, cool. Now we've added the Green to the Red and you can do a big piece or a small piece. What I've done is fold this in half and you would want put this in some heavy books, until it gets nice and flat again because the paper curls when being wet, you can use this as a gift card for your holiday gifts or to write a note to a relative. You can also use a bigger piece of paper to wrap Christmas presents, you can also cut this out and put a piping through and make cool holiday ornaments from your trees, may be cut in the shape of a Angle or a Star, or you could use it as a Gift tags for a gift presents. So, lots of different ways to use your cool, new Bubble art paper and for our next experiment we're going to make Peppermint Playdough.